Over 25 years in business we’ve transported all kinds of equipment: reefer boxes, dry vans; reefer trailers; bottle trailers; flat beds; chassis; and tank trailers. If it’s got wheels, we’ve moved it. Our proven track record is one of a kind. Rest assured, when you hire United Globe Cargo,you are getting the best fare and the best customer service experience. Guaranteed!

Loaded or empty, our specialists will optimize and offer the best route for your trailer from USA, Canada or Mexico to anywhere in the world.


From the time your order is placed, all the way through to delivery our expert equipment procurement consultants will advice you in your needs. We'll help you find the equipment that gives you the performance you seek. Our end-to-end service delivers unprecedented value to your company.

Seaport Access

Our extensive network, is one of our greatest strengths. Check it out!